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Rekindling a tired #romance... well not exactly - but maybe a #recipe for love.

It's more of a re-branding in truth. Here's the cover reveal for the new book artwork for my SEDUCTION SERIES (Previously the Passion Patrol Series). Apparently this style is more attractive to lovers of steamy romance.

Certainly I had a couple of pleasurable afternoons selecting the models... What do you think?

As a celebration of the deed, I'm running a 99c/99p promotion on the newest edition - a 2-book combo - Seduction of Dynasty (steamy action adventure romance) with Seduction of Taste (companion hot steamy cookery book).

They are now baked forever together in my Gourmet Bundle Edition

The romance has live-links to the food - as it's mentioned in the story. You can jump to the recipe illustration, check out how it's made and then scoot back to the action and romance. Maybe you could even cook it up later and share the steamy sauce with your loved one at home....

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