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Let's Hear it For The Boys

Mo Sistas, it’s time to step up… 

Perhaps one of the men close to you (brother, husband, son, friend…) join in with the moustachioed adventure that happens every November. Around the world it’s the month that has literally changed its name, as the global organisation, Movember, leads the way in changing the face of men’s health. 

This year it is time for the ladies to step up and grab the moustache baton. While we Mo Sistas may be follicly challenged about the face, we do have the power of words at our fingertips. 

Let’s Hear It For The Boys is a tribute to the men of Movember. The HitLitPro authors have created these nine short stories to celebrate the men in our lives, the effect they have on our hearts, our minds (and our bodies), and the difference they can make to the world around them. All profits from the sale of this anthology are being donated.


Available in print and digital formats from the following affiliate links:

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