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Seduction of Santa


Hot Cops. Hot Crime. Hot Romance..... Hot Christmas novella

A street-hardened cop, a lonely woman. Dare she unwrap the Christmas gift of love from a dangerous Santa?


For Paula Middleton, the season of love is not just Christmas. As a cop on the hard streets of south London she knows the value of mercy. As a woman alone she fills her life with love for others in her community. When her kindness conflicts with the ruthlessness of the law, the heartless system of police discipline moves against her.Max Muswell has a reputation as a hard man, a local boy-made good. Never overstepping the mark, always bending the rules, he’s charming but ruthless.  Crossing swords with this tough and dominating man could be the end of her career or the chance of mind-blowing passion to last a lifetime. 

Can love for all men also become the love of one man for one woman? Can the sparkle of snow find an echo in the sparkle of a diamond to last for every season?

Available in digital and print formats on Amazon and other good bookstores, OR direct from the author, grab a bargain e-book edition delivered to effortlessly to reading ANY device, including Kindle, direct from the author and save 40% on Amazon prices!

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Retailer price $4.99.  Author direct price $2.99. 

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