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Sexy but alone Helen Marx is a cop too guilty to love.

Sexy but alone Marco Ambastilias is the world’s greatest opera star too guilty to sing.


When their guilt collides their bodies betray their needs in a climax worthy of theatre, worthy of love.

Widowed as a bride, Police dog handler Constable Helen Marx loses herself in her work. For eight years her German shepherd Lanza has been at her side. When a thug leaves him gravely wounded the whole framework of her life is gone. As her dog fights for life, Marco Ambastilias, the renowned but reclusive opera star comes to her side. There is a spark and a rekindling of her own passionate sexuality.


She enters his life and that of his daughter Cressida whose drug issues have brought her into contact with deeply evil men. Helen uncovers a terrorist plot to attack the Queen at the Royal Ascot race meeting but has orders not to alert Marco and his daughter who will be attending the event. A desperate struggle against suicide attackers reveals her deception and she loses his trust and they split. Police work sweeps her up. The supreme world terrorist leader remains at liberty, planning another outrage. Global authorities come together to set a trap.


Can she convince Marco to act as bait? Can she overcome her guilt at loving a man again and then deceiving him? Can she express her own sexual desires without guilt? Could the music and eroticism of love put an end to the joyless dictatorship of terrorism? Could a seed of joy root in her flesh? Seduction of Guilt – when naughty goes good. 

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