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Well what's this all about?

I know it's a bit radical and some would say cheeky of me to ask -  but If you've enjoyed my books for free, how about leaving a tip so I can fund the writing of the next one?  


Free books help indie authors get visibility and readers love them we know,  but they REALLY upset our bank managers. In fact the whole 'FREE' thing is a big problem these days for all content providers and artists on the global interweb. Creating great stories and putting beans on the table to feed the family is a big challenge  (see this article by Kristen Lamb).


I'm a literary busker in a subway of dreams. I'm what they call a 'Bookster' - so please throw us a coin (or buy a book!).


Thank you in advance .


Emma x

PS. Don't forget to leave me a message in the comments on PaypPal so I can thank you in person.

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