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The Luna Legacy from @paulawynne #Historical #Mystery#Thriller - in search of reviewers

Paula Wynne's third book in the Torcal Trilogy of historical mystery thrillers, is being published in January. She is giving away review copies in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads or iBooks. The Luna Legacy In 1492, masquerading as Cristóbal Colon’s trusted envoy, Ana-María de Carbonela is in a dangerous predicament. Trapped in the court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, living as a man and lying to the queen, secretly pregnant with Christopher Columbus’s child, all while trying to find and protect an ancient secret—will she be able to stand up to the might and power of the leaders of Aragón? In present day, Nina Monterossa races across Europe to help Skye Coventina find out the truth about her father’s strange death. In doing so, Nina discovers she is the Last Luna. Nina is hunted from rural Spain to Cork and across Egypt by the man who will do anything to get his hands on the Holy Chalice. Can she save the world’s heritage - The Luna Legacy? If you'd like a review copy, please enter here:

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