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Fancy a cheap thrill on the beach? #free #thr

Passion Patrol 1 by Emma Calin on Kindle at Beach

Cheesy I know - but what's a girl to do when her book is free in the summer? With over 120 reviews and rated at 4.2/5 stars on Amazon it's a quick fix for a last minute holiday read on your Kindle.

Find it here between 14-16 August on a universal link that will take you to Amazon in your region, wherever you are in the world:

If you prefer to get the sand between your pages, then there's good news on that front too - there is an Amazon Paperback Giveaway of the same book on this link, open until the 20th August:

Free entry, but I'm afraid only open to residents of USA, according to rules.

Passion Patrol 1 paperback with a coffee

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