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Sassy Female Cops Who Always Get Their Man

To get your copy of the first book in

Emma Calin's 'Passion Patrol ' Series

you just need to tell me where to send it




Hot Cops. Hot Crime. Hot Romance.

Watch out for the next Passion Patrol story in 2015!







What the Reviewers say...


"The writing is sterling, the love passionate, the plot ever thickening, the fear always just a gunshot away, and the characters tightly drawn and distinctive. Emma Calin writes winners" Caleb Pirtle, USA


"Be warned, you will need something to fan yourself with as Freddie is hot hot hot!" JB Johnston, UK


"I read the book in one sitting, and thoroughly enjoyed it!" C. Williams, USA


" In this novel, sex is treated so tenderly, lovingly and naturally, the term 'romance novel' seems too limiting." Jo VonBargen, USA


"Would recommend to anyone looking for a story full of emotions, action, fun, and romance." Bookworm, UK


"The murky worlds of undercover interpol activity and boxing match-fixing collide to produce a real page turner." Manray, UK


"Finally a great romance with a great story behind it...loved the characters."  Darlene Michel, USA 

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