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Welcome To My Low Carb Life

It looks as though 2016 may finally be the year the when I get my health, fitness and my weight back under control.  As a busy working mum, life is hectic and scatty.  It feels as though I've been overweight most of my life and have tried every diet under the sun. Some have worked - for a while - but I've never been able to sustain them and then have piled on even more weight once I return to 'normal eating'.  I LOVE my food and have always felt such a failure at my dismal lack of willpower and ability to control my weight.  I never dreamed that the choices I was making were contributing to my cravings and urges to overeat.


I started my new regime on the 15th December 2015.  I know just before Christmas is a bit masochistic - but it did help offset my traditional indulgences over the festive period.  Following a low-carb diet has been a revelation. I now feel completely calm around food and find it surprisingly easy to lose weight eating in this way.  YES, it takes a little effort to learn the basics.  YES you do have to monitor what you eat. You may have to select some unfamiliar ingredients for certain recipes for sure. BUT there are now so many online resources, many free, that make the process simple.  I've found I can easily feed my family their favourites with little tweaks to massage the dishes to fit in with my low carb diet. Join me on my journey to fitness in 2016.....







Apologies if some of the pages below are not complete... this thing is growing (as I shrink!).


28 lb

Weight Loss Tally:

March 21

Emma x


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Emma Calin Photo


Emma Calin Photo
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