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Trust Your Instincts...


Even in the barren wasteland of urban decay new green life is possible. In Nature and in Love, that which can be, somehow finds a crack, a corner or ledge and grasps its chance of life. 


A woman on the run from domestic violence with no one but her vulnerable and damaged teenage child as a companion, lives in isolation and fear. While her hand to mouth scenarios are played out in the shadow of a threatening suspense, a story of crime and love unfolds around her. She cannot risk her child. Her own longings for love and romance have to take a poor second place. When the fallout from a prison break, a hero rescue and a murder mystery crash through her door and into her need and loneliness, it is no longer a crime story. It is a question of when Love in itself is a crime and how far a woman will go in its name and for those she loves.


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Suspense with a twist


"I liked the juxtaposition between the working class heroine and the well-to-do hero, which presented love with more of a challenge."


by Sheryl S. Browne February 2013






gripping suspense romance


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