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Hot cops, hot crime and hot romance are our speciality in the Passion Patrol Club. There are currently 7 titles in the Seduction Series (there are more on the way!).  They can be read in any order as each is a stand-alone story featuring a different female police officer.  They all have different jobs in the police - from Interpol detectives, to traffic cops to dog handlers. What they all have in common is determination to lock up the bad guys and burning passion for the men they fall in love with.  These are their stories - tough women who do their duty and always get their man.

If you like  to read suspenseful mystery with action and adventure coupled with a steamy love story, you're in the right place.  Enjoy Seduction of Guilt!

In the Passion Patrol Club you'll get exclusive behind the scenes news,  character interviews, freebies, contests, goodies and club discounts. You'll be the first to hear about and read my new titles in the series.

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