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Affiliate Links

Please note that as with most blogs and websites, the URL links we share to take you to buy a book/product on this site  are Amazon Affiliate Links.​

This means if you click through from a link on Emma's website and buy a book - which we hope you will - Emma gets a (tiny) commission from Amazon. 

You are charged exactly the same price - but  Emma gets a crumb from Amazon's profit pie, as a payment for sending you to Amazon to make the purchase.  We think this is pretty cool.

If you do not wish to use our affiliate links that's fine. You can fire up Amazon and  search for the books by title.  It just means a bit more fiddling and typing for you. You wont pay any less,  Amazon will keep all the profits and Emma will be back on baked beans for another week....  only joking... a bit.

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