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Could you be tempted by a stranger? Undeniable #book #launch by @MiaLondonAuthor http://www.smarturl

I'd like to introduce you to another indie romance author that I think you'll love - Mia London. The second book in her 'Undeniable Series' is out today at most major book retailers worldwide. The title of the book is 'Undeniable Love' and follows on from the first in the series 'Undeniable Fate' - a story of two strangers who meet during a business trip.


Brandon Morgan knew love wasn't in the cards for him. After a chance meeting in Rome with a beautiful American, he spends four of the best days of his life with her, believing he could easily move on after the interlude is over.

Lily Bennett meets the man of her dreams in a whirlwind romance and watches him leave just as fast. On a fluke, she interviews with his company and lands the job. Now she has to battle the demons of working for the CEO that she has romantic ties to, seeing other women pine for him, and watching their precious time disintegrate as he works more every day.

Do they have what it takes to endure?

'Undeniable Fate' is $.99/£0.99

'Undeniable Love' is $2.99/£2.99

Available at most major book outlets 28th Feb 2018

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Reviews for Undeniable Fate:


"Lily and Brandon are a fun, flirty, and enjoyable couple to read. Their story is full of charming humor and sensuality, mixed in with some highly captivating sex" Kristine Kobe, USA


"I loved the mix of steamy intimacy with melt your heart romance." DebieD, USA

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